Suppose you work as a health line professional. In that case, you already know this profession’s struggles and the amount of patience required to deal with several patients. It required a great deal of effort to manage everything in such a chaotic atmosphere other than if you know that there is still a chance of violence and harm. Then what are you supposed to do?

We have a better solution to this rising problem these days as several companies offering Prevention and Management of Violence and aggression. This is a designed course for health line workers who require this mandatory course on dealing with the attack, especially in times of COVID-19. As we all know how hard this time has been in every manner, so it does require a new you to deal with all of this in a better way without losing your sanity.

That’sThat’s why we believe that Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression Company is a must need in this new year to make your and other lives better.


Some of the critical aspects that this course has covered are

  1. Learning several techniques fastly

This course includes several physical activities designed with primary 4-5 techniques that are adaptable to help you in any situation without any additional strength requirement. Also, these techniques are risk assessed.

  1. Includes the legislation aid

As we know, the sensitivity of such aggressive situations and the restrictions by law. We train your staff in a manner that helps you to have a better understanding of what are you capable of doing legally and not. Also, we help you legislatively to protect you against law and order.

  1. Budget-friendly

We provide you with a total budget estimation of our course without any hidden charges that include travelling, handouts material, overnight stays and certifications. We believe in transparency of better service.

  1. Embrace new confidence in you

We have seen an immense surge of confidence in our trainees, which gives them a boost to deal with all the violence and aggressive behaviour of their staff or patients in the workplace. This helps in leading a better and happier workplace.

It has been seen that PMVA news is spreading rapidly due to its significance on how to deal with such anger and the violent situation. This has resulted in a significant number of enrolments in this course. This course helps in aggression and conflict management, breaks away self escape and self-defence, controls restraint with safe holding and PMVA/ MOVA / PMB training. It is precisely covering all the aspects required to go through such extreme conditions. As a health line worker, we encourage you to go through this course to understand better.


When are you planning to get enrolled in this course to get better performance and result from your working and seek a higher chance of promotions? We guarantee you ultimate control and a feeling of contentment within yourself after embracing this course.