People normally use various methods to get rid of their hangover. Often people also think that perhaps CBD can help cure your hangover after you consume lots of alcohol in the last night party.

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Let us first try to understand the reasons that can cause hangover. We all know that drinking excessive alcohol can cause hangover. However, not many of us know, how drinking alcohol exactly cause hangover?

Alcohol, as you know is relatively toxic and hence while drinking there will be plenty of hostile compounds that your body will encounter, which will create an imbalance and as a result, it will show up as hangover.

Your body may need about 24 hours to get adapted to those hostile compounds, which will be slowly eliminated and you will recover from your hangover. In order to understand how CBD can help in our hangover, we need to understand the main reasons of hangover symptoms.

  1. Alcohol will activate certain regions of our brain, which controls vomiting

When you take alcohol and it reaches your bloodstream and trigger in the area of your brain that controls nausea and vomiting. Your body has natural immunity to protect itself and it does all these just to protect your body. Your stomach will also produce more amount of acid, which also causes nausea and vomiting.

CBD may not help much to control your acid production but can offer support to control your brain on vomit control area.

CBD will end up activating certain receptors of your brain that will block your nausea sensation and urge to vomit.

  1. Alcohol increases production of urine

Alcohol can produce urine at much faster rate which is a way to get rid of unwanted compound out of your body. If you excrete more fluid from your body then it may end up with dehydration within few hours. That is the reasons why you may feel dry mouthed, dizzy and lightheaded.

While the body fluid goes through your kidneys it will also carry sodium, potassium and magnesium and as a result it will cause nutrient deficiency. You may get headache and brain fog as a result.

CBD as such can do nothing here and hence you must take sufficient quantity of water.

  1. Alcohol will cause low level of blood sugar

Alcohol will directly reduce your blood sugar level and as a result, it cannot meet demands of various organs of your body. Due to intoxication, you may not feel them immediately but it will show up next morning.

By taking high-sugar food can also worsen the condition. By consuming them your blood sugar may rise and insulin will be released that quickly removes the sugar.  While sleeping, you do not take any sugary food and thus suddenly sugar level goes down and in the morning you feel fatigued.

CBD can offer benefits on your sugar control, but it is long-term effect. It may not immediately help you while you are drinking.