What Is A Franchise

When it comes to licensing of trademarks and methods of doing business this is known as franchising. There are many different types of franchises you have retail stores, restaurants, cleaning companies, media, toys, and much more. In order to be a part of a franchise an entrepreneur usually makes an investment to get permission to use a specific brand. When an entrepreneur make this investment now they can use the name and business model of the company that they chose to franchise. There are franchise fees and certain regulations that the franchisee has to follow. Some of the most common types of businesses that individuals buy into franchises for are restaurants, tax preparation companies, and cleaning companies. The reasons why companies choose to franchise is because they can expand their business and brand without opening the location themselves. They can also make great passive income off their franchisees in the form of royalties.

The Traits Of Restaurants That Have Stood The Test Of Time

Here in America you can find some of the most notable and biggest restaurant food franchises that have been around for decades. These restaurants are usually known on a global level and franchised on a global level as well. These restaurants have made hundreds of millions to even billions of dollars every single year. When comparing each of these locations side-by-side there are a few things that stick out. There are some common traits that restaurants who have been extremely successful throughout the years have in common. These types of locations have learned how to grow their brand throughout the years and created one signature item that they are known for. This signature item may be chicken, hamburgers, salads, or even coffee.

Restaurant Franchises With Lengthy Histories

The first restaurant on this list is Dairy Queen. Dairy Queen currently has 4,800 locations just in the United States but they are also located abroad. Dairy Queen was founded back in 1940 that was an immediate success. Dairy Queen was so successful when they first open the doors it began franchising the same year. The next restaurant franchise that I would like to highlight is Dunkin Donuts. Dunkin Donuts started back in 1948 and the company spent seven years growing its brand. once Dunkin Donuts established itself the restaurant started franchising in 1955. One of the top restaurant franchises in the world is McDonald’s. McDonald’s currently has more than 35,000 locations globally and is the number one employer when it comes to fast food restaurants in the world. McDonald’s was started back in 1940.

This next historic brand that has stood the test of time is in the coffee industry and it is Starbucks. Starbucks currently has 21,160 stores worldwide and this number was calculated in 2014. The stores have most likely grown in number being it is now 5 years later. Starbucks first opened its doors back in 1971 and the brand is now known as one of the leading coffee shops in the world. Subway is on record for being the largest fast food franchise ever. The company was first established in 1965. The company has 43,000 locations and can be found in 110 countries. Domino’s Pizza was started in 1960 and the company operated as a single restaurant for five years before franchising three other locations. Domino’s is the second largest pizza chain in the United States. There are many other historic restaurant food chains that have been founded here in America. Navigating the world of franchises can often be daunting.  Franchise Direct specializes in helping people get involved in franchises.