Your business card is the most significant tool that makes a great first impression. A well designed and quality printed business card improves the chances of creating better business connections and memorable impressions. Only stylish and savvy looking business cards make you look professional, set your business/personality apart from others, and built trust in customers.

For business card printing in Kelowna, “printfactory” is the print shop following powerful design rules for printing effective business cards to make a lasting impression. According to our business card printing experts, a good business card is an intentional combination of information and how you present it.

Here are few critical tips required to design a business card that can represent you and your business efficiently:

1.     More is too much!

Remember business card is your basic introduction, not your complete CV. Your business card is your door to success, where you just have a few seconds or minutes to present to sell yourself, your idea, or your company.

The most successful business cards contain only the information required for the client to understand who you are, what you stand for, and how to reach you. It will be simpler to understand at a glance if you keep it basic and provide enough room.

2.     Never compromise the print quality of your business card!

You may be tempted to purchase a low-cost pack of blank cards from your local office supply store and print your business cards at home. This is made very simple by business card templates that may be acquired from the Internet. They cannot ever match the quality of business stationery printing from your local print shop. You may simply save a few bucks while risking seem unprofessional or not established in your business.

3.     Only add the important information:

Your business card may be used to inform others about your role in the company, your brand (company name and logo), and, most crucially, how to reach you. When it comes to creating excellent business cards, you must also consider what not to tell people. Share just the most essential facts about your business’s care; the rest may be shared online, through social media, or through discussions you may have.

4.     Choose a striking finish!

Several excellent business card design alternatives may help your card stand out, including:

  • Round edges of your business card
  • Printing on both sides of a business card
  • Applying foil or embossing
  • Sticking to the popular business card size
  • Matching the additional card decorations to your industry

5.     Quantity and quality both matter!

It is critical to have enough supply of business cards available. You don’t want to be caught off guard after meeting a critical potential customer or networking partner. At the same time, you don’t want to print too many business cards since they could become obsolete or useless and have to be thrown.


While business cards are worthless in front of a credit card, and these are only tiny pieces of card stock or plastic, but they effectively reflect you, your personality, and the presentation of your business brand.

Follow these guidelines by ‘’printfactory’’ for printing Kelowna business cards to meet the essential needs to make a business card worthy enough for the marketing needs of your brand or business.