Revolution in the door locking system is the keyless locks that you may have observed at certain organizations. It has a salient feature that does not require use of traditional keys. Instead, they use business cards or mobile applications to lock and unlock the doors. You see keyless locks at the organizational level because they provide extended security, which traditional lock systems cannot offer. Here are some of the keyless lock features that make them perfect for business use.


With a keyless lock system, you are in ultimate control because you can access or deny any certain card or mobile application from granting permission to open the doors. You can understand this by thinking that an employee has left the organization but still has the card he used to unlock doors.  Now you no longer want that employee to have access to cabins in the organization. You will remove his permission to open the door of office cabin so he will not be able to open that door with the card. This control makes the keyless lock option a must-have for business because you cannot change locks after an employee leaves the organization. It is not secure to have traditional locks because employees who leave the organization may have copies of the keys and access the cabins.

Better Management

It is a hectic task to manage hundreds of keys, and if you own a big hotel, the number may go up to thousands. So many keys are difficult to manage and any miss handling can lead to lock replacement. To make this management better, keyless locks allow control and convenience to the management staff. Management staff can manage all the locks of the organization through a mobile application.

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