Bank of England and Barclays are currently targets for climate change activists in the UK, and the activists aren’t going to stop here. With all the developments in the UK’s economy, how are you going to grow your business? Where can you find the best merchant services UK? This article will tell you all this.

Protesters TargetingBoE & Barclays    

Climate change activists have recently descended on the BoE (Bank of England). They aim to make the governor Mark Carney and colleagues use their regulatory powers to tackle the current issues facing the climate.The activists also targeted Barclays Bank, since the latter is among the biggest funders of the fossil fuel industry.

What the protesters mainly want from the Bank is this:

  • To ‘green’its bond-buying quantitative easing programme
  • To use its power to support lending to environmentally sustainable groups

When it comes to Barclays, the latter provided the largest funding among European banks to support fossil fuel industry projects last year. Besides, it’s the 6thhighest among lenders all around the globe, as BankTrack (campaigning organisation) reports.

The protesters have been fighting in recent years to urge banks to stop providing financing for such projects. Hermes, Edentree and Boston Common, as well as other investment management companies have written to CEO Staley trying to make him stop financing organisationsoperating in coal mining or oil sands exploitation.

Protecting Nature & Getting the Best Merchant Services UK

The Extinction Rebellion group represents people who’re planning protests outside Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, and Rabobank. So, the activists mentioned above aren’t the only ones involved in the protests.

What about the impact of the current UK economy on the businesses in the country? Well, the Bank is going to publish the result of its most recent research concerning the country’s economy, which will be available via its Inflation Report. The report will help people see impact of the Brexit uncertainty on growth and the cost of living.

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