I don’t know what normal people do on their birthdays, but here I am on my 22nd, sitting under the duvet scoffing an entire box of Quality Street and blogging today’s outfit…. But it’s not a successful birthday without a great outfit, right?

Boots. They make it all better. £20 boots even more so!. As usual, Zara out-did themselves with these beauties. I’m not usually a boot fan, being a designer I’m so picky with everything, and the slightest stitch line can really put me off and I especially stay away from cheap shoes as the ‘leather’ can be nasty – but as I queued for the fitting rooms, arms swamped in every knitted piece in the store, I spotted these in the corner of my eye discreetly placed underneath a table of jeans for no one ever to find… I loved them so much, I even got a size 7 as there were no 6’s out *hello friction burns* They will go with everything from jeans and a long coat to a skirt, strappy top and my Ray-Ban Sunglasses

The jumper dress was also £20, which is insane because the knit is lovely and non-itchy and all the things you would want from knitwear… And I also feel like Mary-Kate Olsen when I’m waltzing around London in it. Third year is making me shop too much. I need help.

Chiara Fashion sent me this gorgeous dress a while ago now (which is now on sale for £8 and for that price, surprisingly great quality!) and today is finally a perfect reason to wear it. For the sake of Monday I’ve dressed it down with a scarf and some cute little boots for a more pub friendly look since tonight, me and all of my friends are heading to The Faraday (an eclectic little pub in Epsom, Surrey with the most amazing American-diner-esque menu where me and my friends mainly hang out) for their Retro Gaming night which is basically a nerd-paradise where you can play the Nintendo and Sega mega drive all accompanied by a beer! So, on that note, I’m off to go and be 22! Ciao!