MBA (Master of Business Administration) Degrees are popular for all the career opportunities they offer. It is a diploma of the highest level in the conduct of business; it has international recognition that opens several opportunities abroad.
Different from the doctorate and the master’s degree, the MBA offers advanced business training for professionals wishing to boost their career or diversify their skills. You can get your MBA online from James Cook University easily and successfully. It offers a versatile training that covers areas of study such as management, strategy, marketing, human resources management and finance. There are also more specialized MBAs.
If you aspire to a more prestigious career in business, you have certainly thought about doing an MBA. But keep in mind that this is demanding and engaging training, so it’s not a decision to take lightly. In this article, we share with you all the information you need to make your choice and choose the most suitable MBA for your career goals.


Deepen your knowledge of management
The MBA gives you the necessary tools to manage a company in its complexity in a strategic way: planning, organization of time and resources, collaboration with different departments, forecast analysis, decision making, conflict management, etc.
The training puts you in front of concrete situations to make you able to manage the complex situations that make the everyday life of the company. It aims to make you an effective future manager.

Acquire additional skill
People from different professions can benefit greatly from an MBA. The training attracts engineers, doctors, lawyers and more every year.
The skills acquired with an MBA allow them to enrich their skills to be more versatile, to progress in the organizations where they work and to occupy higher hierarchical positions. Management tools are indeed essential to carry out a role of manager and team leader, whatever your specialty.

Have an international profile
One of the biggest benefits of the MBA is its international recognition. It is a real passport for your career abroad because it opens you outlets in several countries. If you are looking for a successful career abroad, this is a wise training choice. You can opt for semesters abroad during your course. In addition, the campus is often a melting pot of students from different countries.

Develop your professional network
MBAs bring together competent and ambitious professionals. You can quickly enrich your address book with interesting contacts and develop your professional network. The importance of the network can not be overemphasized in the success of a career.
With a well-built professional network, you will get benefits from the expertise of different professional profiles to make the right decisions for your career. You can also be more easily recommended to the right people to advance your career.

Types of MBA

Full-time MBA
The full-time MBA is aimed at executives with 3 to 5 years of experience who have the opportunity to take a break from their careers to train. This training combines theoretical and practical courses. It lasts between 10 and 16 months in European format, or 2 years in American format. But the two-year American model remains the reference.

Part-time MBA
The part-time MBA is organized around evening and weekend classes. It accounts for about 30% of MBA programs and can be done remotely. This type of training is for people who are strongly rooted in a professional environment that they can not leave. It can go from 3 to 4 years.

Executive MBA
The Executive MBA is very similar to a part-time MBA, except that it is intended for more experienced managers with 5 to 10 years of experience. The training does not generally last more than 2 years but will lead to Interim Management Jobs. This formula was launched by the University of Chicago and is gaining more and more ground. Indeed, many executives well launched in their professional path seek to boost their career or to give it an international opening.