People have been using chandelier light since ages and during olden days such lights were mostly used in the royal palaces and certain exclusive buildings. It was considered to be rich people’s item. However, with many technological improvement, and its price has come down and now even common people can install such lights at home.

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Now let us discuss in this article how you can install any crystal chandelier at your home. Careful consideration is necessary during proper installation of such lights. Following are few things that you must consider while installing them.

  1. Consider the weight of the chandelier

If you are replacing your old chandelier light then you must ensure that weight of the new chandelier must be approximately the same. Usually, the weight of such lights is considerable and hence all the fixtures holding it must be strong enough to support your chandelier lighting.

2.  Decide proper location of the chandelier light

Before you buy your chandelier light fixture, you must decide the location in the room where you are planning to install it. Depending upon its size and also appearance and the décor of the house, you will choose the right location. It should properly match with all other items available in the room.

3.  Position your chandelier properly

If you do not position the chandelier light properly then all its beauty will get wasted. There will be a unique position where the chandelier will be ideal to install. Therefore, you need to consult any professional installer, who has enough experience of installing such system.

4.  Ensure the availability of power

Make sure that there is a power available where you have positioned your chandelier light. Also, there is proper switch or MCB connected. During the installation of the chandelier you must keep the power switch off.

5.  Attach the necessary hardware

There will be set of hardware provided with the chandelier light which should be attached first before fixing the chandelier light. Make sure that they are quite rigid before you attach the chandelier light on the fixture.

6.  Follow the manual for installation

There will be detailed instructions provided by the chandelier supplier, which is easy to install. If you want to install in DIY way then you must have all necessary tools and read the instructions thoroughly.

A professional installer will be more useful as they have experience of installing many different kinds of chandelier light.

You must consider that the difference of height from the bottom part of your chandelier to tabletop of your center table. Make sure that minimum 30-inch space must be available between them in case the ceiling height of your room is 8 foot.

If your ceiling is higher than eight feet, then you must raise the chandelier at least by 3 inch.