Agile working has rapidly developed into the new standard for project-based working in recent years. 80% of companies who are involved in business IT use the Agile working method. Do you have no experience with Agile yet? We will tell you about all the advantages of Agile working.

What is agile working?

Agile working is accompanied by a flexible strategy. Teams are self-managing and multidisciplinary. They work with a short project cycle. Scrum is one of the examples for working Agile. Projects are divided into small sprints, which are made visual. After each sprint, the team delivers a product. Agile working mostly involves four elements:

  1. Flexible Strategy;
  2. Multidisciplinary teams;
  3. Working with short cycles;
  4. Visual work.

Shorter lead time

Previously, IT projects involved long planning. If a part of this schedule ran out of time, the schedule was revised. This caused a lot of administration. In addition, the end product often did not resemble the actual idea. In that case, a lot had to be adjusted, with the result: missing the deadline. An Agile approach means less administration. The complete project planning no longer needs to be adjusted, only the sprint. This shortens the lead time of the total project.

Co-creation with your customers

In the traditional form of project management, the customer was involved at the start and at the end of the project. In the meantime, there was often a lot of uncertainty. With Agile working, the customer is involved throughout the entire process. This gives the customer the opportunity to provide input and feedback more often. As a result, there is more effective management for a better end result that meets the wishes and requirements of the customer. This ensures higher customer satisfaction.

Higher quality

If you work Agile, you process the feedback and customer wishes in the project during each sprint. If you work with Scrum, a partial product is even delivered after every sprint. Everything is tested for every small delivery. Errors are discovered faster this way. By working Agile, you increase the quality of the delivered solution. This makes it easier for an organization to add value to your customer.

Less risk and lower costs

Agile working is a kind of risk management: projects can always be adjusted. The customer’s input and the high quality of the delivered sub-products reduce risks and errors. As a result, the risk of extra, unnecessary costs is lower, as is the risk of a project being overrun.

More fun at work

By working Agile, there is better cooperation between the disciplines involved. Everyone knows who is doing what at what time. This creates more focus and there are fewer unnecessary meetings. This all leads to more satisfaction and motivation within the entire team.

Working Agile and visual

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