Plumbing is an essential area in a home, room or office. The successful completion of the latter results in your peace of mind, but also in savings. Indeed, by carrying out this work correctly, you will avoid leaks and regular replacement of equipment.

At you will find all the plumbing products you need to carry out your plumbing work. The routing of drinking water from your service point to your water points will be done through a network of pipes bringing together pipes, valves, taps and fittings.

Pipes and fittings

Many fittings of different shapes and materials exist for carrying out plumbing work. At blackhawk supplyyou can find accessories of different diameters, shapes and types. By searching in online store you will surely find the plumbing parts you need.

Cast iron accessories

Cast iron is a safe bet. The plumbing accessories which are made of cast iron make it possible to convey drinking water or not and they are connected to the network thanks to a braze-solder. Brass melted at 2500 Ā° C serves as a fitting.

PVC fittings and pipes

PVC fittings and pipes are popular for plumbing, because they are very affordable on the price side. They allow the circulation and delivery of water, in particular also the evacuation of wastewater. These fittings and plumbing pipes are glued using a special adhesive for PVC pipes and fittings.

Multilayer products

The main advantage of multilayer pipes and fittings is that there is no welding to be done. With the arrival on the market of these products, a new era of plumbing has emerged. No need for welding equipment, the elements are screwed together.

PE fittings

The PE fittings plumbing carry drinking water to distribution points in a home or building. PE or Polyethylene fittings are available in diameters ranging from 20mm to 63mm for the most commonly used sizes. PE pipes and tubes can be connected to brass or PE fittings. Both categories of products are available at blackhawk supply.

Copper and bronze fitting

Copper or bonze fittings most often require soldering equipment. If these installations are more durable than PVC installations for example, they are also more expensive. However their resistance allows an important durability of your work. Copper and bronze fittings and accessories can be used for gas supply networks.