Websites are one of the easiest ways for small businesses to create brand awareness. A good website will give visitors a great first impression of your brand, which will help to increase your customers and sales over time. This is why it’s important to contact someone like a Gloucestershire Branding Agency on sites like to make sure you have everything you need going forward.

A good website will also make it easier for you to share important news and updates about your business, such as sales or online offers.

But how do you create a good website? You use current web design concepts to make sure that your website is modern, interesting and effective. This will help to effectively promote your brand, but you must use new web design concepts. The world of web design is constantly changing and evolving, and out-dated designs won’t help your brand. In fact, they may even hinder it.

Here are two of the most effective web design concepts for small businesses.

The Internet Of Things

The Internet Of Things is changing the way that businesses look at website development. Research has found that nearly half of the Internet Of Things development in the next few years will come from new businesses and start-ups.

The Internet Of Things gives businesses the chance to link smart objects to the internet for data exchange. This means that the more devices that are connected, the easier it is for web developers to provide upgraded website solutions. It also means that customers can access the internet with everyday gadgets.

According to MapR, four of the main benefits of the Internet of Things are:

– Businesses can track behavior for real-time marketing
= Businesses will have an enhanced situational awareness, which makes it easier for them to communicate effectively with customers.
– Sensor-driven decision analytics will provide more details analytic reports.
– Process optimisation provides instantaneous control and response in complex autonomous systems, which means that websites can automatically respond to businesses and customers.

Motion User Interface

Websites are using more video and animation on their websites, which makes sense as vision is one of the strongest human senses. Your website should include fluid videos and animations, but many businesses avoid using animations as they worry it will slow the website down. However, thanks to advances in data compression and high bandwidth connections, videos and animations shouldn’t slow down your website.