When you need to choose a locksmith to service your business or home, you must be aware of scammers. Not all companies are actually reputed, and these days locksmith scamming is becoming a lucrative industry. It is becoming tougher to find a locksmith you can trust on.

Here are a few tips that will help you to avoid locksmith scams:

How to identify a locksmith scammer company?

Scammers will generally give themselves away by displaying several of the following traits. A perfectly legitimate locksmith may fall into one or two of these categories. However, the more of these that a locksmith is guilty of, the more likely it is that the person isn’t a locksmith at all. Some common traits you can observe for scammer locksmiths are:

  • Scammer locksmiths simply get fail to provide their license.
  • You will observe a mass quantity of advertisement from their side that is usually not possible for legitimate locksmiths. A genuine company often cannot afford expensive promotional budget.
  • They refuse to give the exact cost or estimate of the services they offer till the time to pay up. They advertise their services at low prices, but in the actual client may likely find their self paying a cost several times more than the expected.
  • You will find no evidences of reputable locksmith photos available on their website. The website displayed in front of you looks sketchy with no generic evidences of their locksmith photos.
  • You will not find any information about their physical location. If they show their location that is either fake or listed far away in the state.
  • Fraudulent service providers appear with no uniform in regular street clothes and no name tag.
  • They don’t know even the basics of locksmithing; they only cause damage to the property.
  • You will see a high number of fake reviews with no description on Google and other review platforms.
  • They have removable magnetic signs on their vehicles because the scammers use to scam people through multiple counterfeit companies.

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